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  Campaign 2000 - Get Out the Questions
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  Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee 

"Washington, DC - Public awareness of UFO/ET phenomena and government suppression of the facts behind them has never been greater. During the 2000 campaign season,  ational office candidates and incumbents should prepare themselves to receive tough questions from their constituents." 

From an X-PPAC Congressional Alert sent to all home and DC offices of the House and Senate members.

 For the next 10 months, people seeking national office will be speaking and debating across the country.  They want your vote. You have the right and the obligation to ask them about any issue you see fit.  If that issue is controversial, all the  better.

 The American electorate has always had the power at its disposal to bring the implications of UFO/ET issue directly to our  political leadership.  The power resides in the microphones present at every debate, speech, and town hall meeting. 

Confront them with key questions on the issue.  If they choose not to answer, or laugh the question aside, or even laugh at  you, be assured the only person in the auditorium who should be embarrassed is the candidate.  They want to serve you,  they want your vote - therefore they had better be prepared to answer your questions.

 Below are examples of questions you might copy into your word processor and take with you to the next political forum. 

 They are direct, grounded and supportable.  They all have one thing in common - even if the candidate refuses to respond,  the question itself will inform the public and media present who hear it.

These questions, and others like them will be posted at various websites.  Look for them.  Over the year, more will be  added.  If you have an idea for a question, it is welcome. Contact X-PPAC.

UFO/ET Related Questions and Follow-ups for the National Candidates

1 »  Are you aware of the allegations of career Army intelligence officer, the late Col. Philip J. Corso, in his 1997 memoir, The Day After Roswell, confirming an extraterrestrial presence and government cover-up of this fact?

      If no, given the significance of these allegations, should you not be aware?

      If yes, why hasn’t the Joint Chiefs, Army, Congress or Executive Branch responded to both the book and Col. Corso’s public statements in 1997 and 1998?

2 »  Are you aware of the public statements of former Apollo Astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, that active and retired government  and military personnel of stature have confirmed to him the extraterrestrial nature of the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico event,  and that a kind of “second government” is maintaining a cover-up of the facts regarding an extraterrestrial presence in our world?

      If no, given that Edgar Mitchell is a distinguished American with an MIT PhD and a member of the exclusive group of NASA astronauts who walked on the moon, should you not be aware?

      If yes, why hasn’t NASA, the Congress or the Executive Branch of our government thoroughly and properly responded to these allegations?

3 »  Are you aware of a national movement to hold open, comprehensive, Congressional hearings specifically to take  testimony from 100+ active and retired government, military and agency personnel speaking directly to the UFO/ET  phenomena issue and a government cover-up of the facts? 

      If no, is this not a matter sufficiently important to warrant such hearings? 

      If yes, do you support full and open hearings for such testimony?

4 »  Are you aware of briefings provided to President Clinton on UFO/ET issues by Laurence Rockefeller as well as UFO/ET  briefings provided by others to high level administration officials between 1993 and 1998?  Our government claims the  UFO/ET matter is of no consequence.  If so, why would such briefings have taken place?

5 »  Would it concern you if any intelligence agency deliberately chose not to brief any sitting President or appropriate  members of the House and Senate on the full extent of UFO/ET phenomena? 

6 »  Are you aware of the 1999 French COMETA report in which former high-level members of the French government state that the reality of UFOs being extraterrestrial craft is likely?

7 »  Are you aware of the 1998 Sturrock Panel report from the Society of  Scientific Exploration, which states that UFO  phenomena should be reevaluated and reinvestigated?

8 »  Are you aware that a group of reputable scientists, the Society for Planetary SETI Research, has made a powerful case for artificial structures on the planet Mars?

      Follow-up:  Would it trouble you that our civilian space agency, NASA, has for years resisted properly addressing the evidence developed by this group and others?

9 »  Are you aware or concerned that NASA, our civilian space agency, has been accused of involvement in black budget projects, and steadfastly refuses to aggressively investigate evidence pointing at extraterrestrial phenomena?


 If you are a candidate for national office, can you afford to be uninformed on these issues?   If you are a citizen assisting a
 candidate, you can help.  Resources are available, including meetings  with principals, that would enable a candidate or incumbent to answer questions such as those above. Contact X-PPAC.

 A special note about videotaping.  If you are following the local and national debates on television, consider keeping a  blank tape in your VCR at all times.  If you notice a UFO/ET question being asked of a candidate, TAPE IT and Contact  X-PPAC.  Arrangements will be made to get a copy for an archive of on-camera responses to these questions.  Such an archive will be invaluable in the lobbying efforts.  Thanks.

Copyright 2000 Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee

Used by permission

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