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Dr. Michael Wolf

BY Paola Harris     

It is impossible to look into the eyes of Dr. Michael Wolf which are jet black and appear to be lacking a center pupil and not coin a totally new term for this extraordinary man, "Mesoalien." Notizario UFO Staff writer Adriano Forgione and i fIew to Connecticut on August 8th 1998 to see for ourselves what this scientist with a most unusual blood chemistry (Cholesterol 933 ;Triglicerides 3769) looked like. 

It was then that he took a flashlight and showed us his dark green pupils. Dressed in Doctor's scrubs, which to some mistakenly appear as pajamas, Dr. wolf is indeed a medical doctor, and a neurologist. He has a house full of medical encyclopedias, two electron microscopes , several computers , glass chemistry tubes , an oscilloscope and other various asundry articles. For those UFOlogists who say he lacks credentials , I can add that Adrianno and 1 saw them accidentally because we knocked on his door an hour earlier than we were supposed to and he did not have time to take them down.

He has an Md. in Neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a DSC in Computer Intelligence, a J D in International Law, an MS.. in the Electromagnicatic Magnetic Field's ( EM) influence on organisms, and a B.S in Biogenetics. The problem is that most of these degrees were earned in the government's secret " black Operations" program and those participating Universities have canceled him from their records.

Previously Dr. Wolf has served as a scientific consultant to the President ( including Clinton, we saw the "thank you letter on the wall), and consultant to the National Security Council on extraterrestrial matters and a member of the Majestic(Mj- 12), Ufosecrecy management agency's. Special Studies Group, and has been in charge of its lead agency the Alphacom Team. He is a respected member of the New York Academy of Sciences and American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS )and has been a member for many years. He has served as an Air Force Colonel. pilot, flight surgeon and counter-intelligence officer for the CIA and NSA. He is a genius with a great sense of humor and an enormous love for " mankind' especially the children of planet Earth.

But there are those of my colleagues who call him totally" crazy". "Crazy like a fox ", says Michael, laughing with that most infectious, Dr Wolf told me he worked undercover with Federico Fellini as an extra on the film " 8 1/2' and he lived at the " Sporting hotel in Parioli (which does exist ) and, as Corso often did, Michael could name the names of the portiere (Doorman) and most of his friends in Rome. The first thing i noticed as i looked on his living room wall in Connecticut in August was the old faded photos of Fellini Claudia Cardinale and Marcello Mastroianni as studio Technicians wrapped a very young handsome dark-haired Michael in a white sheet as part of a movie stunt. I might add he is still a very handsome man who stands about 61 but now has gray hair and, due to the fact that he has also contracted diabetis which he adds to his list of many ailments, he is extremely thin.

Another set of criteria that I use to determine a person's credibility which I also learned from Col. Corso and many other military figures that I have interviewed lately including my own father, who served under Mussolini as a Cavalry officer in 1943, is that these men repeat themselves and tell the exact same story dozens of times. In the case of the Colonel , I must have heard his war stories at least twenty times and he never changed a detail because he TRULY entered that dimension as he retold the event. Wolf also repeats himself often never changing the details in the slightest way, even if I often , question him intensley asking for more details, dates etc.. 

I have over 20 taped conversations with him and he is very crystal clear about events and he gets very irritated and does not hesitate to correct me if I make the slightest mistake about any of his experiences as is evidenced when I said he worked at S4 "Indian lakes facility" instead of "Indian Springs" as it truly called. But then Dr. Wolf's philosophy, his third commandment if you will, is " forgive people before they injure you because they are most surely going to do it". Dr. Wolf uses a precise scientific vocabulary and he assumes that the listener is intelligent and knowledgeable. From my own experience, I will also add "cultured" as he often speaks about his love for the painter Italian Modigliani whom he imitated when he painted a nude on his laboratory door. He assumes the listener or reader can easily make the logical connections because our minds work like his( he has an 200 IQ).

The truth is that we are not all wired like him and. this is perhaps the greatest problem with a " mesoaliens" , these very spiritually asstute technologically advanced people, call them " hybrids" if you will, that they wrongly assume that we are on their level while they are attempting to communicate to us and help us to unravel the ongoing mystery of our intergalactic / Inter dimensional contact, our roots , perhaps even our history. Michael adds that in his capacity as diplomatic interface for the US government with the extraterrestrials, that they do not possess a duality and they take things quite literally and do not try to confuse us as our government often does.

So how does one speak with an Alien or even a " mezoalien" , a scientist with an intense sensitivity for his fellow man, who possess a genuine emotional love that Adrianno and 1 truly felt when we were in his presence ; a man who understands the workings of atoms , particles, subatomic physics and galaxies of the universe and who sees everything as connected and created and manifested by the CreatorSource whom he does call God? Perhaps, this marvelous creature, this man, this" meso alien "is also in the state of evolution creating more synapes from the dendrites and exons in his own brain and joining ever more his amazing mind to his own soul or just maybe he has always been this way. 

In any case, Dr. Wolf reminds us there should never have been this split between the old science and our spirituality, a dichotomy between the physical and metaphysical worlds. We, humans have split ourselves in two and now it is time to get it together. We will have to fight to join again this dual nature as we leave the 4th world of advanced technology and enter the 5th dimension of Spiritual growth as the Hopi prophesies tell us. It is quite ironic, and certainly not surprising that , Dr. Wolf has been invited to speak by the Native Americans (Standing Elk) at the Famous Sedona Star Conference this November 22nd, an event which will unite many Indian tribes and Ufologists in a continuing dialogue about the forth coming Earth Changes. 

All this while the outside world continues to deny that Dr. Michael Wolf Exists. I once asked Wolfs friend, Clinical psychologist and UFO researcher Dr. Richard Boylan how Dr. Wolf can stay loyal to his country and be so intensely committed to saving the planet. How can these two ideas coincide?" Dr. Wolf sees no intellectual contradictions here , he replied. He excels at straddling difficult boundary lines. " Richard Boylan is right.

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