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Paradigm Clock Reset
"Midnight on the Paradigm Clock will mean formal disclosure has taken place "

PRG Paradigm Research Group

Press Release                                            July 14, 2000

Washington, DC - The Paradigm Clock has been reset to 11:58:10 pm.  Based upon developments from August 1999 to July 2000 (some shown below), the clock has been moved forward 50 seconds.

The Paradigm Clock resides at the Paradigm Research Group website: www.paradigmclock.com.  It is a metaphor representing the proximity to formal disclosure by the U. S. government of the ongoing presence of extraterrestrial life forms in our world, now.  It is modeled after the "Doomsday Clock" first published in 1947 by the Bulletin of Atomic 
Scientists.   Midnight on the Doomsday Clock meant nuclear war had begun.  Midnight on the Paradigm Clock will mean formal disclosure has taken place. 

Clock History:  
   April 30, 1998: Published to the Web,  time 11:57:00 pm   
   July 27, 1998: Time reset back to 11:56:30 pm   
   July 28, 1999: Time reset forward to 11:57:15 pm

Some of the developments affecting this new time setting are:

7/6/00 - On Coast to Coast AM [www.coasttocoastam.com], noted legal/social activist, Daniel Sheehan, confirms the existence of remarkable evidence presented to him during his work on a 1977 research report on extraterrestrial intelligence initiated by President Jimmy Carter.  Former Stanford Research Institute futurist and author of the new eBook "Exopolitics" [www.universebooks.com], Alfred Webre, who also worked on the Carter report, confirms the project 
was shut down prematurely.   Daniel Sheehan commits the 
resources of the Christic Institute to the formal disclosure process.   Both publicly state strong convictions regarding the ET hypothesis.  

6/23/99 - Internet entrepreneur, Joseph Firmage, who has publicly stated his belief in an extraterrestrial presence, launches an integrated media network, Project Voyager [www.projectvoyager.com], with Ann Druyan, widow of the late Carl Sagan.   Firmage declares his venture capital firm, Intend Change, has amassed $225 million.

5/23/00 - The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) releases 27,000 new Mars photos onto the Internet which immediately come under close scrutiny by a host of Mars researchers.  The archive covers one Mars year, 687 Earth days, beginning in September 1997 and extending through August 1999. 
5/21/00 - Leslie Kean, an accomplished freelance journalist, publishes in the Boston Globe an extended piece on the UFO/ET issue, focusing on the COMETA report published in France in July of 1999.  The Globe is one of the top ten dailies in America.  The Minneapolis Star-Tribune (May 29), Memphis Commercial Appeal, Irish Independent (June 27), 
and VSD Magazine (July) follow up with versions of the story.  

4/26/00 - Mike Siegel seamlessly replaces Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM.  Premiere Radio Networks makes it clear the program will remain devoted to the show's previous subject matter, including the UFO/ET/Disclosure issues.   Siegel, who has a Ph.D. and a law degree, demonstrates keen interest in the politics of disclosure. 

4/5/00 - The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) release new photographs of the Cydonia region of Mars which had been held back in violation of an agreement to publish such photos quickly. 
3/11/00 - A Canadian cable television technician reveals he has taped direct NASA Shuttle videos.  Martyn Stubbs comes forward with anomalous imagery and thousands of hours of tape to examine.  

3/10/00 - Touchstone Pictures releases Brian DePalma's provocative movie, Mission to Mars, and introduces the Cydonia/Face controversy to millions of Americans.  

11/99 - Dr. John Mack of Harvard University publishes "Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters" his long awaited follow-up to "Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens." 

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