2003 UFO Disclosure Survey Results

Poll ended April 9, 2003 - John Colaw
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UFO Disclosure Poll Ballot Box

Have you ever seen a UFO?
Total votes 722
 Yes  (384) 53%
 No  (191) 26%
 Possibly  (147) 20%

Do you know anyone who claims a UFO sighting?
Total votes 720
 Yes  (549) 76%
 No  (171) 24%

Do you believe some UFO reports are extraterrestrial space vehicles?
Total votes 718
 Yes  (607) 85%
 No  (111) 15%

Do you believe there is a UFO coverup within the US government?
Total votes 719
 Yes  (588) 82%
 No  (76) 11%
 Not sure  (55) 8%

Have you read any books or magazines about UFOs?
Total votes 719
 No  (77) 11%
 One or Two  (147) 20%
 Three or More  (495) 69%

Do you believe all UFO reports are mistaken or hoaxed?
Total votes 721
 Yes  (79) 11%
 No  (642) 89%

Do you believe in Angels?
Total votes 705
 Yes  (444) 63%
 No  (261) 37%

Do you believe in Demons?
Total votes 698
 Yes  (365) 52%
 No  (333) 48%

In your opinion, does the Bible mention UFOs?
Total votes 715
 Yes  (345) 48%
 No  (99) 14%
 Possibly  (223) 31%
 Probably not  (48) 7%

Do you believe aliens are benevolent?
Total votes 718
 Yes  (47) 7%
 No  (30) 4%
 Do not believe in aliens  (51) 7%
 Some good, some bad  (363) 51%
 Not sure, but let's be careful  (227) 32%

If UFOs and Aliens are visiting, should the public be told what governments know?
Total votes 717
 Yes  (587) 82%
 No  (14) 2%
 Depends  (116) 16%

Do you believe there is a connection between Aliens and Angels or Demons?
Total votes 716
 Yes  (176) 25%
 No  (226) 32%
 Maybe  (241) 34%
 Do not believe they exist  (73) 10%

Do you suspect you may have been abducted?
Total votes 718
 Yes  (154) 21%
 No  (459) 64%
 Maybe  (105) 15%

Do you want to know the truth regarding UFOs/Aliens?
Total votes 720
 Yes  (687) 95%
 No  (21) 3%
 Not sure  (12) 2%

Do you have an open mind regarding the UFO/Alien question?
Total votes 741
 Yes  (695) 94%
 No  (46) 6%

       Comments by UFO Disclosure Poll Participants  (Editor replies in red)
great poll....more experiences?
I am amazed at the credulity of some people (I am amazed at the lack of credible research on the part of "debunkers" - Editor)
The deliberate debunkers should be ashamed of they are writing and saying. The non-believers will be shocked, stunned and embarraced when they realize how little they actually know.
I am very happy to see the results- I am not the only one who thinks they are crazy !
sharpen the questions, be more scientific and accurate 
i think the Biblical references, i.e. angels, demons, ufos in the Bible are out of place. Ufos are seen by people in every country on the planet---not just Christians.  (The Bible is also read by people in every other country. The intent was to see if anyone believes there are UFO/ET  references in the Bible - Editor)
A very significant and interesting poll. Thank you
As a generational Abductee, I have little choice.
on your third question...it would be interesting to allow people to comment, further, on what where they may think that ufos are from.
The question concerning the possibility of a connection is ambiguous. I don't believe in angels or demons...but I do believe in the possibility of past humans to mistake aliens for angels or demons...hence I stated I believed there was a connection.
I have seen so much at Pine Bush, NY! I do not fear this subject, but feel it is something that we should study in an ongoing sane way. Life seems to have many mysteries. I will always be interested, but when we have answers is anybodys guess.
though i would like to know the truth so i would know what is happening to my family,i am afraid some parts would be nearly impossible to handle.
This poll seems more evenhanded than many I have seen. Hope the poll provides useful input
This poll needs to go main stream. It is skewed with the targeted audience right now. You may want to see if you can get it linked to some non UFO sites. Good luck. (The poll was advertised on numerous major news outlets, and I was interviewed by more than 24 news teams - Editor)
there are many things we know to be true and things that people refuse to understand.
Most people just live in a state of mind. And until they are willing to explore other dimensions of reality will we then get down to real science on the subject of other modes of transportation.
I saw one when on a troop ship in 1958.It actually was following us. Or pacing us .It would come to a dead stop. And then it would move like nothing I have ever seen to deep pace. And stop again. In 1958 we had nothing that could do that. not now either
Iz thiz the roper poll? (No, it is the UFO Disclosure Poll - Editor)
Questions were good, and were not intended to force misleading statements.
Regarding angels, I don't believe in supernatural beings, which is what angels are generally considered to be. Rather, I believe that angels (and God) described in the Bible were extraterrestrials.
Let's do a survey on where the most sightings etc occur on a state by state and Canada/etc. close encounter, abduction, sighting, etc., as to where these events occurred.
You can make your subconscious more conscious through meditation.
ARVs (alien reproduction vehicles) are produced by the miliary-industrial complex. The same folks who are running the current US administration.
My UFO experiences have been positive and enlightening. I also believe many UFOs are actually ARVs.
My UFO experiences have been positive and enlightening.
I do not have an open mind because I KNOW that UFOs are real, having seen one up close!
I just wish I knew 1/10th of what's in my subconscious(info)
I have seen them at least 5 times,possibly 6 since 1961.The maneuvers they accomplished,at least from my point of view,proved to me, that they were not of this planet and had capabilties we DO NOT have.
I believe the terms angel and demon were given to alien entities in the past. I also strongly feel that many on these life forms are inter-dimentional travelers.
our tax dollars support the coverup let's end it
Question #4 - there IS proof of a coverup. If interested, see my website www.UFOopenline.com And thank you.
I had a loss of time experience 25 years ago. I do not know if it was aliens or God or angels, but I do know that I felt love and warm and wonderful about the experience. I have only told a few people who are relatives so as not to appear nuts.
U.S.A. Government is covering up UFOs from the Us Goverment as well as the public. This questionaire shows how much is known even with the cover up.
I want to know the truth!
I believe that possibly angels/demons are aliens , or that aliens, having much superior intelligence than ours, know of other dimentions in which these entities exsist.
Those who talk don't know .. Those who know don't talk!
we demand full disclosure and hidden agendas of the goverment
I look forward to full disclosure regarding UFOs/Aliens in the very near future. Cheers.
I had a close encounter, when I was about 4 and a half years old. I heard a voice in my head say "No. Not now. Not yet." When I asked it to land, and take me for a ride. It looked just like the Saturn ufo that George Adamski had a photograph of, in Cal
I am a reincarnated Pleiadian and have been INVITED not abducted several times with witnesses. Add invited to your abduction question. I have asked telepathically to meet aliens since childhood and it happened first at age 40. I met Kos, the Pleiadian.
have had few incidents of being abducted plus many ufo sightings
poll reflects my view 100%
This is a biased sample if it's only being sent out in this type of e-mail group (The poll was advertised on numerous major news outlets, and I was interviewed by more than 24 news teams - Editor)  
I believe many, perhaps most, stories of angels, demons and elves/faerie are misinterpreted alien encounters. The balance are imagination.
Interesting, not unexpected
There are UFO's, but they ARE NOT spacecraft from another world piloted by ultra intelligents beings. Many who claim to see UFO's don't know what they are seeing and don't know about various aircraft and aerial phenomena. 
I just want to know the truth are they real or not
great poll!
what we know & what we need to know/ should be up to us, not a government with it's own agenda. ufoman40@yahoo.ca
Keep this going for a couple of months.
www.colsweb.com extraterrestrial cartoons
l would like to know the truth in regard to the different types of aliens both good and bad
we need to know the truth before it is to late.
It's time to pressure the government to reveal what it knows...demonstrations...massive.
Good Poll
there are things happening that the majority of people could not handle,  in the long run it would psychologically destroy them.
Phil Tori Alien abductee. Contact onlinecomputers@comcast.net
Really, folks, what kind of response did you EXPECT on your last question?  (6% admit not having an open mind - that should be taken into account when considering the overall results - Editor)
u.f.os are real i've seen some
What about asking if we think they are/maybe black/secret projects by USAF
Whoever is really in charge knows more than they are telling
I want to know, but at the same time it makes me nervous
Good first effort. Keep it up.

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