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 Oslo 2000 Report

Please note that in her report Paola has included web sites and email when possible. This is so you, the reader, can make up your own minds. Go to the web sites and learn more about where these individuals are coming from. As Paola asked me: "...can we stress that people need to do the research as Allen Hyneck told me? Do their own homework and not let UFOLOGISTS decide for them?" 
That's good advice folks. Think for yourself - John Colaw

Contact with the Universe in the New Millenium and its influence on Humanity:The International Oslo UFO conference 2000
by  Paola Leopizzi Harris

****Titolo Del convegno!!!!Contact with the Universe in the New Millenium 
and its influence on Humanity:The International Oslo UFO conference

Titolo del Articolo:  The arrival of Human Close Encounters of  the fifth kind
by Paola leopizzi Harris

If one considers the chronological history of UFOLOGY, then the Oslo 
Conference 2000 was the culmination of years of investigative research. It 
presented us with the first investigator of ancient astronauts, Eric von 
Daniken who sparked our interest in 1968 with his book Chariot of the Gods; 
it finished with the newest star in the cast of modern investigators US 
Web's Joe Firmage, a young genius millionaire who claims to have been in 
contact with extraterrestrial entities and who is funding perhaps the 
greatest educational science research effort ever. It includes psychologist 
Richard Boylan, Implant Specialist Derrel Sims, CSeti director Steven Greer,
International Investigator Michael Hesseman, and they were all there with 
over 600 people at the Kongressenteret Hus (People's Convention Center) in 
Oslo Norway, January 29,30  2000.

It was a meeting of the minds and a meeting of different strategies of 
research. There are those who remain with Close Encounters of the 1st kind 
like Norway's researcher Erling Strand who is director of The Hessdalen 
Project. (hessdalen.hiof.no)  He explained to me that this phenomenon 
of lights in the northern sky began in 1981 and continues today. These 
lights are seen close to the ground by the people of the Hessdalen valley 
and often light up the interiors of their homes.The shapes are 15% variable 
and include circular to bullet shaped objects which then, in 1981, appeared in groups in the night sky and which now are being photographed by an 
automatic camera surveillance system.

Even though the actual flap ended in 1984, researchers are trying to discover why that area is of interest to possible alien visitors. One hypothesis is that since it is the location of the biggest copper mine in Europe and since there is an abundance of Copper, Iron and Sulfur, the visitors are interested in terrestrial geology. I have encountered a similar case in New Mexico where the Native Americans believe that these visitors are mining "brown gas" (note - Brown's Gas).  Lights in the night sky is how it all began and these terms were explained to me by my friend Astronomer Dr. J Allen Hyneck in 1980.

Although focusing on different aspects of study, we have investigators like 
Eric Van Daniken and Derrel Sims who study Close encounters of the second kind- what Dr. J.Allen Hyneck called: physical traces cases.

At dinner, I met Erich Von Daniken (www.aas-ra.org/evd) who told me he had not been home to Switzerland to see his family in six weeks .We all 
knew that he was the most popular speaker at conferences and also in Oslo 
and the most well-known and the one who would attract the most people on 
Sunday. In Italy, he just spoke at the conference in Caglieri and is 
expected to be in San Marino in March. His books: The Return of the 
Gods - Evidence of Extraterrestrial Visitations (1997); The Arrival Of The Gods - Revealing the Alien Landing sites of Nazca (1998); and Odyssey of the Gods - An Alien History of Ancient Greece (2000)  show that he too has joined the ranks of the ufologists by explaining that alien civilizations have always visited the Earth and left physical traces. 

Erik Von Daniken presented the audience with material from his latest books. He is an avid researcher and a compulsive traveler, averaging 100,000 miles each year to remote spots of the  Earth looking for mysterious architectural and natural anomalies which could suggest "extraterrestrials have always visited Earth".

It is interesting that like Von Daniken, Derrel Sims looks for the "hard 
evidence" ( www.geocities.com/Area51/Hollow/8827/ ) but he also admits that he does not have the answers . At this conference, he  intelligently posed many questions having to do with a series of actions taken  by NASA  recently that makes one wonder what is happening with the Outer Space : mysteries like the loss of the Mars Polar lander, Cassini Project , the shutting down of SOHO which 
studies Solar activity, the information "blackout" that happens at times. 
Russian scientists told him that part of the Star Wars program was to shoot 
down ICBMS ( intercontinental Ballistic missiles) and the other part to 
shoot down UFOS . He asked" why? He said that to him, the abduction-implant phenomenon presents an enigma. It proves we are in a cocoon; we don't know all the answers yet.

Researchers say they have all the answers but that's just not true. Sims said he has some answers to pieces to the puzzle of "something so big that he does not know yet what it all is". He continues to say "we have to use science, the medical field, spirituality, all of it! Not "some"of it  but-.all of it." I personally believe that he is correct at, least in his approach.

Dr Hyneck made it clear that Close encounters of the Second kind can 
include physical traces on people as well as on land masses. Sims' past 
expertise is in surgically removing supposed "alien implants"  from 
abductees. It is not then surprising that he presented further evidence of 
continued implant activity . He has the advantage of being able to see in 
people the propensity to lie because he is a graphoanalysis expert and can 
look at one's handwriting to see if they are telling the truth. 

He has assembled what he calls the "Dream Team" of Cardiovascular surgeons, doctors, scientists and specialists, some  whom he says, come from a skeptic background so they can be perfectly objective with the evidence and can document it in a scientific way. He showed slides of physical marks on people and implants which are becoming more sophisticated because they are encased with "wrong kind of nerve cells" in the body and show no signs of inflammatory response.In these nerve propirocepters were present - intelligent cells. 

Mr. Sims stresses that ceramic and metal implants are old, almost fifty years old but the "new" ones are biological implants and will be "almost impossible to find... We'll find central nervous system cells around these new biological implants, maybe brain cells, like a mini-brain."

Researchers have found that some implants are made from a rare meteorite 
material and they are most certainly not for tracking humans.They can find 
you anywhere "says Sims. He adds that it is unusual that 45% of the people 
he has reviewed were  of Native American/ Celtic background. This  may cause  genetic manipulation  because Sims showed slides of  showed animal and plant genetic anomalies. 

"Brilliant green florescence "has also become permanent evidence  of physical traces on a body , even on cattle where the an alien touched the human or animal. The government also knows this therefore they send "black helicopters and use Infrared tracking system. Sims' research team also uses "Infrared" and " Black light" to track implants and he says that today human- made implants are injectible with syringes

The real problem is which implants are alien and which are governmental or 
which are maybe " both" ? This is the terrifying scenario is a clear and 
present danger as  it was passionately addressed by Dr. Rauni Kilde, a 
Norwegian Doctor. There is valid evidence that demonstrates that entire 
populations of people will be implanted and controlled  by future 

Contact can  also be gentle and subtle, says Dr, Richard Boylan 
(www.jps.net/drboylan/) who began his lecture by giving a historical 
perspective proving with the Biblical references and with  the research of 
Zecharia Sitchin that indeed that ETs have always been here and have 
possibly had a hand in creating us and altering our evolution .  Boylan, 
author of many books including Project Epiphany (1997); Extraterrestrial 
Contact and Human Responses (1994), is a noted hypnotherapist and social 
phychologist. He has worked with numerous abductees and done many 
regressions and leads those who categorize these experiences as spiritual 
and enlightening. 

Notably Dr. Boylan  has moved away from focus on the 
government cover-up  recently to work with some notable figures to set up a 
STAR CHILDREN SCHOOL in California to help young abductees possessing incredible intelligence and PSI capacities to cope in a world that does not understand them. This is a revolutionary new venture which is supported in the United States by many contact groups. However, Dr. Boylan did mention the work of Dr. Michael Wolf, National Security advisor and Alphacom team member who wrote THE CATCHERS OF HEAVEN (Afferando il Celo) which was recently released here in Italy and for which I wrote the preface.

He said that Doctor Wolf says we are at a crossroads of our evolution where 
we must put down our weapons of war and heal this diseased planet otherwise we will destroy it and ourselves. Echoing the Words Of the Lakota Sioux medicine man , Standing Elk and tribal vision  of the White Buffalo Calf woman, Boylan said we are shifting from the 4th dimension  or world into a 
fifth world andfor which humanity needs to prepare  spiritually. It is a 
wake-up call to action and a shift in paradigm

Finally featured speaker, Dr. Steven Greer spoke of what well may be 
considered Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind- the vectoring or signaling in 
of UFO Crafts to Earth  by humans. These events have actually been filmed by CSETI  members in Florida. Dr. Steven Greer, courageous crusader and 
director of (CSeti- Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) 
appealed to world governments to end the government cover-up. He  mesmerized the audience with his powerful presence as he explained that they know, world governments know, Clinton's people know but he was told that the president of the United States will end up like Jack Kennedy if he mixes in UFO politics and UFOS are politics to those who are part of the black project occult programs who wish to control the technology and the media output of information. 

His new book Extraterrestrial Contact: the Evidence and Implications,  names, gives detail accounts of meetings with even current 
government officials. He blames the cover-up on the huge economic world 
power structures  and  names in the back of this controversial book the 
vested interest companies such as  the energy, technological and aerospace companies responsible. Greer says we should have had clean Zero energy 
models in the 50's. Then we could have saved ourselves and the planet. But 
this information was hidden from us and kept in the hands of the few, namely the military industrial complex of which General Eisenhower warned us before he died. He said we have  already made all the scientific discoveries to save the planet and had the ability to travel interdimensionally years ago. 

"Our future has been hijacked " he shouts from center stage,  "and this was not our destiny nor our fault!". We all listened as he carefully outlined how it 
was done and how he attempted to brief and inform people inside the US 
government  about what  truly is happening and who truly is in control. It 
was clear that the "right "hand does not know what the "left "hand was doing 
.He revealed that there are many USAPS or" Unacknowledged Special Access Programs" that Clinton and congressmen are not aware of. He accused even the Church and other religious groups who have a vested interest in keeping this secret and he added the most startling statement of all - most terrifying negative abductions are "government  created abductions carried out by government constructed clones of grays made at Dulce military underground facility in New Mexico to copy -cat  the real phenomenon in order to justify the use of powerful technology to fight one common enemy - The aliens!

He warned about the super-spy satellite   'Echelon "which can enter and spy  on any citizen in their own home. Dr. Greer added that "Mind Control 
technology is out of control and can make you have whichever experience 
you wish", even a conversation with God. He made it clear that  all 
scientists know that Time and Space is non- linear concepts and we now have the ability to travel among the stars but  it is obvious that there is some 
element that does not think we are spiritually or responsibly fit to leave 
this planet yet. This alien element has literally disabled our nuclear 
firing systems on missiles and stopped some rocket launches. Until we mature into a more mature civilization, Greer says  we will get what we deserve. He encouraged everyone to read the evidence in his new book.
His mission with Cseti is to organize and train people to be 
extraterrestrial ambassadors of good-will to the visiting civilizations. 

He,like Dr. Boylan, does not believe in a hostile but instead a benevolent 
presence. He has photographed many crafts and successfully signaled to them to the shock and  surprise of many witnesses. (www.cseti.org)
CSETI makes contact in a friendly way with telepathy, laser light signals, usually using collective thought energy or what ever it takes. From the people present who have been a part of this training, it seems Greer has been largely successful and it should be noted that he invited many to go to 
the CROP CIRCLE AREA in England, July 23rd to 30th,2000 to make contact .

Finally, the Saturday sessions ended with the technological presence of 
Joe Firmage as a much awaited event. Mr. Firmage , possibly the newest star on the UFO scene,  appeared via satellite as he  explained  in a methodical way to the audience his intention to fund any and all science projects that would  prove that interstellar travel is possible. He prefers to start with young people in schools who have a passion for the sciences. He says that we must follow a logical scientific path to the stars and he wants to form a coalition or group of people who believe as he does. He explained how his 
interest in UFOs has caused him anguish causing him to step down as CEO from USWEB. 

As a young millionaire, he feels he has a mission to support 
research especially in the field of zero energy research. It seemed to me 
that he has been approached and is disenchanted with the diverse UFO 
community at large and prefers traditional methods to get to the truth. I am 
sure he will make a significant contribution in this new millennium.  He is 
determined. He is young and he is dynamic. (www.thewordistruth.org/)

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the Sunday sessions where Michael 
Hesseman explained the best cases of 1990s. He is a universally renowned  German researcher who showed videos and has collected hard evidence to 
support the UFO research. Along with fellow  researcher Jaime Maussan from Mexico, these two people gave the conference the International flavor to prove that there is a serious, united effort toward finding an answer, 
towards knowing the truth.

In my opinion, the conclusion reads like this: We do not need to have a 
tsunami, an earthquake or blocks of ice falling from the sky to understand 
that something is happening to  Our home Planet Earth. We need only to see the oil spills off the coast of France and Turkey to see that the Earth is 
suffering. We need only to subject our children and old people to breathe 
the air in our polluted cities. We need only to look at our chaotic political situation around the world to see  that man's inhumanity to man is 
still continuing.  There are serious problems here in 2000.

In Norway, I realized that,  now more than any other time in history ,we are perhaps at a crossroads . Perhaps crusaders like Dr. Greer of Cseti are looking  to the stars for the proper guidance and those like Dr. Boylan are preparing a new generation of starchildren to help us find answers and those like Derrel Sims will distinguish "alien implants" from governmental  implant monitoring . They all have a role!

In any case, special thanks to organizer Roar Kroghus (NETI)of Norway for 
his passion  and commitment .It should be noted that Mr Krogshus (roar.krogshus@c2i.net) is the Norwegian deputy leader of NETI, the 
Norwegian Organization for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It is 
he who encouraged my participation and took a financially gamble to 
organize this International UFO Conference in a world where information is 
power . It is obvious  by the diversity of the presenters that there is a 
place, a function and maybe a direction for  all facets of UFOLOGICAL
research. In fact, it proves that we may all have a mission and function  in 
this new millennium.We can look forward to Close Encounters of the FIFTH 
Kind-  maybe time travel together.

Paola Leopizzi Harris


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