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 Mission Statement
Mission Statement
by John Colaw

Welcome to UFO Disclosure. The purpose of this site is to present current and historical information concerning the disclosure of the truth regarding Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs). It also serves as a central hub for quick reference and connection to the leaders in UFO research and investigation. 

UFO Disclosure is occurring. Our society is being conditioned to accept the idea of extraterrestrial life. Some would say that we are being programmed. The webs of deceit and secrecy are unraveling, and some efforts to disclose the truth are making progress. Mixed in with all of this is a campaign of secrecy and disinformation. How to discern the truth?

Sightings in the US, Belgium, China, Mexico and South America, the release of video evidence from shuttle missions, lawsuits by Peter Gersten of CAUS and others are increasing public awareness and furthering disclosure.  Steven Greer's Disclosure Project moves forward trying to force congressional hearings on UFOs. Movies like Circles and the mini-series TAKEN ever increase public interest in UFOs and ET.

Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests have succeeded in retrieving previously unknown government documents that prove the government is lying when it expresses no interest in UFOs. Visit John Greenewald's excellent site the BLACK VAULT for a look at thousands of these documents.

There are many varying opinions on UFOs, and the same goes for disclosure. The intention here is to present these positions in a balanced and fair manner, and leave it up to the individual to decide the meaning of it all. If new evidence arises that refutes or discredits any of these positions, then that information will also be presented. From personal experience and knowledge and speaking for myself, some UFOs and abductions are genuine phenomena. "Who or what" is in them or behind it all, I have yet to determine. Please use caution in approaching a UFO or before inviting contact.

This is just the beginning. I will continue to add information as it develops. This site will continue to evolve as more input comes in. Many thanks to my contributors. I will try post the new position papers I have received soon.  Please keep them coming. Keep a lookout for exclusive interviews and presentations.

 John Colaw
 Director UFO Disclosure Group
 Membership Director Skywatch International
 Fellow Founder Missouri Investigators Group
 Email JC3@Colaw.net

If you have information, evidence, or a position paper on UFO disclosure, please send an email to JC3@Colaw.net  All opinions or positions will be considered, and any published material remains Copyright its respective owners
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