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Strange Martian Landscapes by John Colaw
I have found some interesting items in the recent image dump at Malin Space Sciences. These are untouched and straight from the Malin server and are used by permission. In some of them, I find obvious evidence of river channels. There are also collections of protruding shapes that suggest artificial construction - buildings. Odd geometric shapes. One "pyramid" appears to be five sided, like the pentagon on a plateau.

But most unusual to me is the one that seems to have a tall white obelisk (tower) protruding from the surface. A long thin shadow trails behind it.  

Here is where I started looking. Just click on the map of Mars when you get there. (Click here)

UFO Disclosure Mars Gallery:

(1) M0002233.gif
Click for full size image  Look at these protrusions. Buildings?
Note how long and straight they are.  Looks like a wall on the right, with alleys and smaller buildings. Parallel to each other, with right angles. Also looks like a large courtyard. The higher of the two rectangular shadows in the center would be the "west" wall of the square courtyard. I will emphasize these with some graphic soon. Click here for the full image.

(2) M0003120.jpg
Click for full size image Surely this is a river channel. 
This reminds me of a chinese dragon. The head facing to the left, the body curling and twisting, legs splayed, and tail trailing to the upper right. Notice how the tributaries quickly narrow, yet the body of the "riverbed" remains constant. And there is a large Medicine Bow bend in the center. Could this be a "tectonic plate" boundary? Or a huge dried up river bed? Click here for full image.

(3) M0002268.jpg
Click for full size imagePentagon on Mars? Hexagonal Pyramid
This has very nice straight features. Could it have been a five sided pyramid that took a direct hit? Is it artificial? Could it have been built? 

Below, from the same image is another section that puzzles me. Again we have a very straight channel, with 90 degree right angle branches. Reminds me of the aerial shot of Area 51. Click here for full image
(3) M0002268.jpg
Click here for full image Mars area 51? Runways and hangars? Natural formation?

(4) FHA01281.jpg
Click here for full imageTALL MARTIAN OBELISK? 
I am especially intrigued by this image.  When you look at the rest of the image and see how the light and shadows are positioned, it appears that there is a very tall, white obelisk that is casting a long thin shadow pointing to the right of the image. Note the heavy contrast at the base of the obelisk where the shadow seems to wrap around the base of the obelisk, giving the object an almost conical shape. 
Click here for full image

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