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Dr. John Mack 

"Passport to the Cosmos" by Dr. John Mack
- A book review by John Colaw
A review of Dr. John Mack's book, "Passport to the Cosmos".

My first impression of Dr. John Mack's latest book, "Passport to the Cosmos", was amazement. In the preface, Dr. Mack points out that we try and place things into our own framework of mind, or world view. We want behavior to be "consistent with the laws of nature we already know". 

He goes on to say - "Having this in mind, I would like to make a plea that my readers begin with an attitude of not knowing, including not knowing about how we know about anything, especially what is important to us... I would also ask that they suspend the natural tendency to form questions... such as 'If the aliens are X, then why don't they do Y?'." 

What? A book about alien encounters that does not want to preach to me? Gadzooks, friends. The reader is allowed to make up his own mind, based on a balanced presentation of differing views. 

There are stories from all camps - the traditional abductions against the will, with medical experiments and tales of horror and violation, as well as the "experiencers", who find spiritual evolvement and enthusiastically embrace their continued experiences. 

But the thing I found most compelling about this book is the very objective presentation. I was not being spoon fed sing-song new age philosophy, I was hearing from the voices of the abductees and the experiencers themselves. There is a balanced presentation, although I am sure that the reader is responsible for removing her own preconceived filters as well.

The possibility for this phenomena to be "etheric" or spiritual is considered, as well as the standard view of physical manifestations. Here are some quotes from the book that illustrate my point. Some names are protected... But savor the variety of concepts being dealt with here.

Credo Mutwa - "I just get furious because the people from the stars are trying to give us knowledge, but we are too stupid"

Isabel - "I got scared sh*tless... he looked like a bug.. a roach or a mantis or something weird like that"

Karin - "It's not illusion. It exists. It's there"

Andrea - "I'm moving. I'm melting. There's a lot of vibration... like going through a tunnel.. going in circles, like it's rolling back, and rolling back, and going forward. I'm like expanding... wind all around, and this tremendous energy and activity all around... waves of energy... going through a tunnel.. flying through years, flying through nothingness."

Dr. Mack - "The vibration may be quite intense, as if to fill all the experiencers' cells, which feel as if they are separating from each other or coming apart at the molecular level, especially when the abductee experiences being taken through a window, wall or other solid object. Repeated experiences of this kind may leave abductees feeling that their tissues and psyche have been permanently changed. They may feel that their vibratory level has been raised by their encounters, as if to attune them to the vibrations of the beings and the alien environment." (Karin - "so you are not burned").

Credo Mutwa, who has no love for the alien beings - "We are inflicting unwelcome changes on a world, sir, which is really not ours... Why has man turned into a virus like animal on this earth? The human race is destroying the Earth, sir. Why?...The mantindane (Grays), they don't love us. They need us, have needed us, and will continue needing us until they develop better means of self-preservation... how will they get things from us if our bodies are dirtied with drugs and toxins from the air?... these creatures come from the future!"

Andrea also has had images of the "cleansing" that will occur.

Isabel has the impression that the beings "really need" to take her physical body to maintain her health as a breeder.

Karin is frustrated that the beings take her eggs and her fetuses. "You have these babies (hybrids), and they just take them."

Nona has been troubled by the idea of "taking eggs from my body".

Credo says "I don't know why the mantindane (gray) stole semen from me. Once a mantindane has dealt with you, you become afraid of making love to a woman."

Dr. Mack - "Despite the pain and trauma associated with the hybrid 'project', some abductees do not necessarily see themselves as victims and may come to accept their participation in it."

Julie - "It was like being engulfed and just being treasured and expected... I'm looking at the eyes, it just sucks you in. It's like a giant fix. Like you'd do anything to get it... It makes you feel loved... like everything's worthwhile."

Also related in this book are the tales of three native medicine men: Bernard Peixoto, Sequoyah Trueblood and Credo Mutwa. Also covers the shamanic experience, including ancestral guides and potential risk from imposters in the dimensional planes...

If you do not find any of those subjects interesting, then this book is not for you. But if they did whet your appetite, then you should read this book, I think you will not be disappointed. I was surprised a number of times at how easily I was able to form my own opinion based on the evidence presented.

There are many things brought up, including the sad state of our planet, and our apparent rush to continue in the same direction. Are ETs here trying to help us out and evolve? Or are they coming to invade and make us their slaves? Perhaps the answer lies somewhere in between. One thing is apparent, there are a lot of strange things going on, and the answers are elusive and
mysterious. Some of these people seem to be receiving benefit from their experiences as abductees, yet others are resentful and have suffered greatly. To insinuate that all negative abductions are staged military operations is too pat and does not allow for much of the other evidence that indicates this is real. On the other hand, there are those who seem to embrace their experience with loving and open arms. And messages that the planet is in trouble are certainly not far from the mark.

Whatever the truth, I found this book fascinating, and will read it again. I recommend it to all seeking answers to the mystery of UFO abductions. 

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