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Monsignor Padre Balducci
II Congresso di Ufologia - Città di Ancona
Paola Harris con Monsignor Balducci
The official words of Monsignor Padre Balducci
Interviewed by Paola Harris and Adrianno Forgione

Monsignor Padre Corrado Balducci speaks for himself and his own research and not the Vatican.  His conclusions come  from his research in parapsychology. He states" that the human testimonies concerning the UFO phenomenon, in particular the abduction phenomenon, are essential to historical truth and must be considered heavily. They, more than  some questionable scientific research, are to be taken into account because there are so many witnesses .

He adds that if we live in constant skepticism, we will destroy society and our dignity as human beings. As a comparison he used Catholicism which is entirely based on human testimony, primarily letters of followers of Christ(Apologists) who explained this religious phenomena (Christ and the Resurrection) and presented a certain truth. The church has based  many of its doctrines on this human testimony. Likewise in Ufology, we know a phenomena exists and although we don't know who these aliens(possible angels) are, it possible that they could be more evolved than man is.

Monsignor Balducci emphasizing a point Monsignor Corrado Balducci
 Monsignor Corrado Balducci

Adriano Forgione, Paola Harris and Monsignor Balducci

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