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  UFO Corridor Maps by Scott Heckman
Scott Heckman contacted me with the following. He has graciously consented to allow UFO Disclosure Group to present his research into the movement of UFOs along consistent air corridors.

Scott's email:


Hello! My name is Scott Heckman, I live in Bisbee, Az. and have been observing visitor's crafts here in the S.W. desert states and Rocky Mountain States for most of my life. I have identified and followed these craft around and have established local air corridors that these crafts use  nearly every night, their arrival is like clock work each evening. I can set my watch by their 7:20 pm arrivals. I have been witnessing this since 1986 near Pearce, Az. 

I am sending you maps of this area of Az. with the air corridors marked in purple lines and the the yellow marked roads are (1) the way to get to the Dragoon Mtns. and also where to watch for the craft as they make their entrance into Az. air space.

I make regular postings on Skywatch discussion and the Onelist, when I return to Bisbee after being out in the bush observing these craft. Over the last several months I have had many requests for these maps and there are people actually coming here from Australia, Spain, Florida, New Jersey, Washington state, just to name a few. I was emailed by George Filer in New Jersey two weeks ago. He had said that there was footage from the Shuttle of unknown crafts traveling at over 100,000 mph last seen in my vicinity before disappearing! I have just returned from another stint out in the bush watching from the 4th to the 7th and have reports to file from the evening of the 4th and the evening of the 6th, but as of yet have not filed the reports. I will do so as soon as I am feeling a better. (a day or two).

Please accept these maps that I am attaching to this message.
Thanks for being around and your good work.

Keep your eyes on the skies!


Scott Heckman

P.O. Box 1535
Bisbee, Az. 85603

This first Map is a close up of Arizona, with UFO corridors marked in magenta.
Map with UFO corridors marked[
NEXT Map is a close up of the Dragoon mountains, the hub of the UFO corridors above.

Scott has promised to keep us updated with any new developments. So be sure and check back.