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 Dr. Richard Boylan

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The following are extracts from an interview I did on the topic of division within the government about UFO disclosure. It is shared in the public interest.
     - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

"Aviary, Good-Bye; Hello, Acclimation Program"

   1.  PI-40 is the name which UFO/ET researcher Steven Greer, MD was informed was the code name for the governmental unit in charge of UFO/ET matters. This group has been in operation since 1947, when it was called MJ-12. It was originally organized by President Harry Truman to deal with the recovery of two discs and their extraterrestrial occupants in the New Mexico desert around July, 1947.  Information I have received from Dr. Michael Wolf, scientific consultant to this group, has provided further detail. This group operates as an unacknowledged subcommittee of the National Security Council. Its current name is Special Studies Group. I believe that this is the proper title for this group, and thus will not use the PI-40 designation. 

Another informant of mine, "Jesse", with ties to the National Security Agency, tells me that the group's membership now numbers 33. Reportedly, Henry Kissinger is MJ-1, the head of the NSC Special Studies Group. Edward Teller, the father of the H-bomb, is another member. Dr. Wolf makes a third. 

   2.  I have no information that the NSC Special Studies Group subcommittee contains any members who are also members of the Aviary group. The only possible exception would be if Henry Kissinger is the Aviary's "Raven". But I have no information that such is the case. What may be the case is that one or more Aviary members may have served as consultants to NSC's Special Studies Group. Likely UFO consultants would have been Drs. Jacques Vallee (formerly of
the French government's UFO study group), and Hal Puthoff, (physicist reportedly involved in ET technology research), and Colonel John Alexander of Defense Intelligence. 

   3.  For a number of years Ron Pandolfi, CIA specialist in UFO matters, had an arrangement with civilian UFO investigator Dan Smith. Pandolfi would meet regularly with Smith, and provide some leaks about UFO information, with the understanding that Smith would disseminate these widely among the community of top UFO investigators. Smith has done so. He also freely acknowledges this arrangement, whereas Pandolfi will acknowledge only that he has met with
Smith who tells him various things. Pandolfi does not admit being a UFO information specialist, and it is doubtful that he would acknowledge any affiliation with the Aviary group.

   4.  The Aviary group members who have been active in the past in openly disseminating UFO information have been Jacques Vallee, Bruce Maccabee (Navy laser weapons researcher), and Cmdr. Scott Jones, USN (ret.), (who organized a Cosmic Cultures Conference in Washington.) 

Some of the better-known Aviary members who have more recently dissembled any involvement in UFO matters include Ron Pandolfi and Col. John Alexander. 
The more important split is occurring on the National Security Council's Special Studies Group (SSG). Progressives on the SSG have placed into operation an Acclimation Program, designed to prepare and condition the public for open acknowledgment of extraterrestrial contact and presence. This Acclimation Program has resulted in significant disclosures of UFO/ET information by highly-placed governmental officers. Col. Steve Wilson, USAF (ret.) revealed that
he was in charge of Project Pounce, the unit tasked to retrieve downed UFOs and prevent civilian access to them. He also revealed the designations and manufacturers of U.S. antigravity craft. 

Col. Donald Ware, USAF (ret.) leaked the very existence of the Acclimation Program, and also that the B-2 bomber has an antigravity system aboard. Tech Sgt. Dan Sherman, USAF/National Security Agency was allowed to publish a book about his experience in extraterrestrial telepathic information gathering for NSA. Col. Philip Corso, USA (ret.) went public with his experiences at the Pentagon being in charge of the Roswell UFO remnants, and seeing that ET technology got
handed over to technology companies for back-engineering into "U.S." technology. Dr. Michael Wolf of NSC's SSG has told of his working side-by-side with extraterrestrial consultant scientists at secret governmental laboratories, such as Los Alamos, Wright-Patterson AFB, Area 51-NV, and Dulce-NM. Dr. Wolf has also warned of a Cabal of rogue private industry, military and intelligence officials who are operating extra-constitutionally to maintain UFO secrecy and conduct unauthorized attacks on UFOs. And "Jesse", an NSA informant, has disclosed among other things a secret agreement by world leaders in 1954 to provide the ETs with a surface base in French Polynesia. 

     Since UFO disclosure is coordinated within NATO countries, the Vatican's authorizing of Monsignor Balducci's statements must be seen as part of the NATO-wide Acclimation Program.  Balducci has gone on Italian national television repeatedly to declare that extraterrestrial visitations are real, are not of the devil, are likely to be spiritually-advanced, and deserve study. 

   5. The Aviary is not a governmental entity and is not running the government's UFO gradual- disclosure program. They are not responsible for the above-cited leaks, which are instead coming from NSC's Special Studies Group's Acclimation Program policy. The Aviary appears now to have been an ad-hoc group of UFO information exchangers, some of whose members were inclined to publicly share that information, and some of whose members continue to fight public disclosure. As the official government's Public Acclimation Program moves into high gear,
the Aviary becomes increasingly irrelevant. 

   6. Among those in the Aviary who have publicly shared UFO information, there may not be a consensus about the nature of extraterrestrial visitors. Scott Jones appears to view the ETs as benign. Jacques Vallee takes a more scientifically- detached view, as does Bruce Maccabee. 

  7. Some of those on the shadowy side of the Aviary group work for private corporations which have made huge sums of money, developing and manufacturing military and civilian products derived ultimately from ET technology. Extreme security classification on ET technology has created a monopoly for those insider corporations with connections to those who possess ET technology information. 

   8.  Is the struggle over UFO disclosure a theological war? Not the way that question suggests, but Dr. Steven Greer, Director of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, has talked with high officials in government. He has learned that a number of right-wing extremists in the Cabal are also fundamentalist religious extremists, who demonize the extraterrestrial visitors, and may view their private war as a "crusade".

   9. Star Wars (SDI/BMDO) weapons systems have ironically been derived from
extraterrestrial technology. They are "made in America" and elsewhere in the Group of Seven countries. These weapons systems include: killer lasers, neutral particle-beam weapons, kinetic- kill missiles, electromagnetic-pulse weapons, tactical nuclear weapons, and plasmoid pulsed laser- maser weapons. 

  10. The ruthless attacks by the Cabal certainly serve to undermine the trust and cooperation that the extraterrestrials wish to develop with us. Since the extraterrestrial cultures in contact are more developed, they do not resort to violent massive retaliation against these attacks. Thus, the Cabal's private war is not physically suicidal, but certainly self-defeating for the best interests of
Earth. Top world leaders, such as found in the Bilderberg Group and the Council on Foreign Relations, have been quietly meeting with and entering into negotiations with the representatives of the interstellar Federation of ET cultures in contact. The ETs seek peace, human attention to reversing global pollution, and the sharing of theological, historical, metaphysical, scientific, cultural and technological information. They also wish to be of assistance during upcoming and foreseen geophysical cataclysms and societal turmoil. But only if we want their assistance. 

     - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Dr. Richard Boylan is a behavioral scientist, university instructor, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and researcher into extraterrestrial-human encounters. 

Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC 2826 O Street, Suite 2, Sacramento, CA 95816,USA (916)455-0120  E-mail: drboylan@jps.net   WEBSITE: www.jps.net/drboylan/ 
Dr. Boylan also communicates regularly on the UFOTruth internet reports and communications list; (you may subscribe at: http://UFOTruth.listbot.com.)

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